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The principles of scoring

The Quantqollect principle is based on the payment history of your customers, which by definition is the most important element of the predictive value. Download the document and read more.

How to create your scorecard

After signing up, you will get access to the portal. There we will request you to upload an initial file containing historical payment data. Download an example of the data format to explore

Description product QuantQollect

Combing the power of modern-day technology, with in-depth and year-long expertise in credit management and credit scoring, Quantforce’s QuantQollect software solution brings the power of predictive credit scoring right into the hands of the modern-day credit manager. Download the pdf and read more....

Description product QuantQredit

Quantforce’s QuantQredit software package, is a full-fledged predictive model development tool, allowing the user to generate a predictive modeling scorecard using the scoring methodology. The underlying philosophy of its development, has been to provide the data scientist with an easy-to-use model development interface, whereby transparency and control of the data analysis and the model development process have been key cornerstones.

How to use the output of the scores

After scoring the file, you will receive a score between 1 and 7 per customer. Number 1 indicates high risk, figure 7 is very low risk. These scores form the beginning of a differentiated layout of your workflows. In the document you can read how you can apply this. Of course we can support you in the design and application of this process.

Before you start: check your data quality!

A good working scorecard is also based on the quality of your data. For example:
- If you have problems manageing your disputed items in time. It is then relevant to
eliminate your disputed items before you upload your file.
- If you have granted other due dates informally, but you haven't formilized them in your
administration, please take care that you change this before you create your scorecards.   

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