Cash is King, but Data is Key!
Absence of credit lines no customers and no turnover! The past has also shown us that cash flows are more important than profits. The fast the money is in your account, the better it is for your cash position. The Best Possible DSO therefore is your prime objective!

Devote your attention to the client who needs it
With our software you will work on the basis of the Prescriptive Collections Principle (‘PCP’). It will allow you to orientate your attention to those clients who display a clear future tendency to pay you late or not to pay you. And is it by treating these clients pro-actively, that you can improve your DSO and profitability, either by ensuring timely payment, or by making concrete payment plans.

Guaranteed reduction of your DSO
By using the QuantQollect scores within a well set-up workflow/process within your organisation, we can nearly guarantee you a reduction of your DSO. This has been the case with almost all of the organisations who have adopted this way of working.