You have two team members in your collections team. Already with these 2 team members, the workload is often an ‘overload’. Just imagine if one of the two call-in sick… Every day, you need to make choices – which customers do you treat today, and which ones are to be dealt with tomorrow or even the day(s) after tomorrow? Far from ideal, it often results in workloads being shifted to a later stage, or sometimes even simply skipping tasks. Often, these decisions are taken without a clear view on which task could be done tomorrow, and which ones are best to do immediately.

The solution
Imagine that you would know in advance how many clients you really need to judge and treat, and in which order. Such that planning your team’s activities can be done based on clear and objective criteria. Needless to say, planning and setting priorities then becomes so much easier.

The art of not doing certain actions – Less is More!
Quantforce is governed by the principles of Predictive and Prescriptive. Predictive means that we can tell in advance where problems are most likely to occur, because we have predictive modelling capabilities. Prescriptive means on the basis of (risk) classes, we can advise on what to do and what not to do. This guarantees clear insight, planning, and ultimately drives results and saves time. In short, you get to focus on what is really needed, and avoid unnecessary tasks and actions.