The Quantforce Predictive Modeling Platform

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are here to stay. As data is being gathered in larger volumes and in more forms and ways than before, becoming a data-driven organization is not just a matter of why, but a matter of when. New techniques and technologies have emerged, allowing you to take advantage of this data. Predictive modelling ensures that you can draw intelligence from the data to make your insights truly future-proof.

How do you however make truly the best of the intelligence hidden within your data? Domain expertise is required to ensure predictive models are relevant to you challenges and decisions. Data scientists are a great asset, but they may lack this domain expertise.

How do you implement these models? A classical way may be to implement them into your core ERP. This is often the path chosen, but may be quite expensive and may not be flexible.

How do you keep the models current? Re-developing them from time to time is the most obvious route, but sometimes this may be rather time consuming and expensive, especially if also on the implementation side.

To answer to these challenges, Quantforce has developed a true Predictive Modelling Platform. Hosted in the cloud, this predictive modelling platform is connectable via API technology. On top, our software engineers have made it the first ‘hybrid’ artificial intelligence platform, as it can also be hosted inside your firewall.

On the Platform, you can develop you predictive models using the insightful Quantforce Modelling engine. Using the powerful graphical representation of complex statistical analysis, you do not need to be a data scientist to understand the predictive nature of your data fields. You can even save the predictive pattern for later re-development of the model, paving the way towards automatically updating your model(s).

Once the model(s) are developed, you can host them and deploy them in practice through the Platform. No need to run an extensive implementation in your ERP system, as the models can be executed via API’s. The result is sent back to your ERP, where it can be further processed. Increasingly, then end station are mobile apps, connected via the API’s and allowing fast and efficient access from the mobile application to the predictive modelling result.

On the platform, the system can use your saved predictive patterns, to automatically update your predictive model. No surprises, no strange behaviours – which is often the case with automated artificial intelligence – as the patterns you saved will keep the modelling to follow your domain expertise. Once approved, the new model can be implemented automatically on the Platform, so you can enjoy the new results straight away.