Every day each one of us makes decisions. To make these decisions, one way or another, we use data, which comes in a multitude of form and content.

Around the world, the volume and content of data which is being stored and collected increases as every day goes by. Also within your organisation, data is everywhere and anywhere, whether it be in sales, marketing, manufacturing, credit risk, or the HR department to name but a few.

The key to unlocking the true value held within this data, is to turn this data into intelligence, preferably with a view towards how this data-intelligence can help you make future-proof decisions. The technique known as predictive modelling allows you to apply artificial intelligence to this data, such that the data is turned into insight, and it will support you in your decision making.  

Quantforce is pleased to announce that it has launched a unique suite of predictive modelling tools - software which can help unlock the predictive insights hidden within your data. The solutions of Quantforce range from simple and easy to use desktop software, to a true Predictive Modelling Platform, integrable through API’s. Modelling, hosting and automated model maintenance and optimisation, all in one Platform. Enjoy the benefits of years of predictive modelling and machine learning expertise, all at your fingertips.

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