About Quantforce and the road to QuantQollect

The Quantforce team is an international team which consists of technicians, data scientists, econometristians, mathematicians, consultants, credit management specialists and marketeers. The team has a lot of experience with predictive modeling, big data and scoring models. Throughout the years and projects we have developed software to help us managing the projects more structured and more efficiently. The software has been developed in different directions for multiple applications. Within Credit Management, we focus on 2 solutions: customized projects and plug and play products. For companies with more complexity and additional requirements we supply QuantLImit and QuantQredit, specific software to develop score cards containing both internal and external data. For het middle market we supply QuantQollect, a plug and play solution, based on historical customer invoice and payment data.

Our team consists of people with senior Credit Management competences as well as a bright vision how to improve Credit Management based on new technology. We know the market and we know what to develop.

It is our vision to innovate and to share. That's why we love to cooperate with other companies. We believe in combining experiences, strengths and competences. That's why we invest in solid partners. Scroll down to read more about our partners.

We are convinced that within 10 years, more than 85% of Collection workflows will be based on intelligence and scorecards and no longer will be based on traditional values such as debt ageing and size of the claim. One of our missions is to help companies use new technology in their daily business. Precisely because the technological applications are developing exponentially fast, it is important that the possibilities can be used by the market. Scoring is not only for lending institutions and large organizations, but is applicable for every company. By making scoring low-threshold, companies are able to create more value. No old school approach with expensive consultancy and static scorecards anymore! We support this with our innovative and affordable software.

ROB BERTING| Partner at Quantforce